december 2018

10. december 2018
Who are your customers and how can you get to know them through digital transformation processes?
There are still companies that see digitalization as an inconvenience. Of course, it demands in-depth deliberation and introducing changes, which means quite a bit of work. On the other hand, the benefits brought by digital transformation definitely outweigh any invested minute. One of the most important positive effects of digitalization is designing the profile of a typical customer. For this purpose, we carried out a workshop on learning about the Digitrans digital model, enabling participants to also sketch out the profile of their typical customer. The workshop was carried out as part of the DIGITRANS project and took place on Thursday, 29 November 2018 at Venture Factory in Maribor. More...

november 2018

21. november 2018
Naively into numbers and business
The year is coming to an end, and at the end of March, every company will need to submit their annual report and tax returns. At the workshop, led by experienced accountant and owner of company Evident, Simona Horvat, who has been successfully consulting in the field of accounting and taxes for a number of years, we found out what the possible tax reliefs are and how to pay exactly as much taxes as you need to, not a cent more. More...
20. november 2018
The best innovators come from Pošta Slovenije
Innovation Jam confirmed expectations, it could connect the talent and agility of startup community with experience of traditional corporate thinking on an innovative way. Ten innovation teams has in just two days, with a help of programmers in designers, pushed their ideas to digital prototypes. More...
17. november 2018
9. november 2018
With what, how and why to a successful product
Where should you start when you get the idea of a century? The first step is designing a prototype, through which you can safely check whether the idea holds water. At the beginning, Urban Lapajne told the participants of the workshop on creating a digital prototype that “with an internet connection, you are immediately part of the global competition. We all know that if an app doesn’t work, we immediately uninstall it without any guilty conscience and don’t bother with it. That’s why it’s important for our solution to be finalised at the moment of its launch. But mostly, we need to clearly know what problems we are even solving and whether our solution is suitable.” More...

oktober 2018

29. oktober 2018
To company’s digital transformation in 1, 2, 3!
Digitalization demands constant adjustments, airing out existing solutions and finding new ones. Entrepreneurs and everyone making strategic business decisions in companies need to pay that much more attention to updating processes. For this purpose, we carried out a workshop within the DIGITRANS project at Venture Factory in Maribor on Tuesday, 2 October 2018. The workshop was dedicated to teaching the basics of the digital model that gets its name from the project – Digitrans – and the participants learned what digital transformation is and how its systemic changes can contribute towards better business operations of the company. More...
23. oktober 2018
Fleksi paket as an extension for traditional delivery
Fourteen teams, 59 active participants and 24 experienced mentors. That was the balance of this year’s Mobility hackathon, which was hosted within the autumn part of the Start:up Maribor programme by Venture Factory, business incubator of the University of Maribor. More...
15. oktober 2018
Taking a walk into the future of mobility in our customers’ shoes
Design Thinking? Service Design? No matter if it doesn’t make sense to you. We admit, the two fields were foreign to us as well. But we have probably never been as concrete and active as we were at this workshop in Venture Factory. Ana Kyra Bekš from the Servis 8 institute, which started its activities five years ago with the purpose of informing, educating and consulting in the fields of Design Thinking and Service Design, knew how to engage the participants of this really practical workshop. More...
8. oktober 2018
DIGITRANS - 4th DIGITRANS project meeting
DIGITRANS project partners have recently met for the fourth time in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. With project official ending closing rapidly, there are still couple of challenges to address. The meeting took place on 25th and 26th September in Sofia Tech Park JSC, the first science and technology park in Bulgaria. The park is meant to boost cooperation between scientific, educational, business and public sectors. More...
4. oktober 2018
Poleg poslovnih izzivov jesen prinaša tudi priložnosti za izboljšave. Platforma za e-učenje SME-jem omogoča spoznavanje procesov digitalne transformacije in razvoja novih poslovnih modelov prek spleta. Prek aktivne skupine na omrežju LinkedIn pa imajo priložnost tudi za povezovanje z DIGITRANS trenerji, strokovnjaki za digitalne transformacije, drugimi SME-ji vključenimi v procese digitalne transformacije in poslovne podporne organizacije. More...
3. oktober 2018
A successful brand lives inside people's heads!
KIB Kibla was once again bursting at the seams during the discussion on building a successful brand and there was no lack of questions on how the guests tackled their own branding challenges. More...

september 2018

17. september 2018
Blockchain in theory and practice
The workshop that took place at Venture Factory once again touched upon an important tech area, namely blockchain. A lot of people have heard the term before, but only few understand it and, most importantly, know how to use it to their advantage. More...
4. september 2018
Autumn is time for (digital) transformation
An increase in digitalization offers companies numerous possibilities for the development of new products and services, but also demands deliberation on existing and new business models. Are you a small or medium-sized company and digital transformation is still unknown to you? Venture Factory is carrying out a series of free one-day workshops within the DIGITRANS project. At them, you can get familiar with the procedures and methods that are used for conceptualising and establishing digital business models. More...

avgust 2018

23. avgust 2018

junij 2018

29. junij 2018
MY-GATEWAY awards ten startups with Web Summit tickets
EU project holds ticket give-away for the largest tech conference in the world. More...
19. junij 2018
Everything on SEO optimization and successful business couples before the summer break
On Tuesday, 12 June, the Maribor startup community socialized and educated themselves at two events, the last ones before a well-deserved summer break. We started off in the afternoon in the facilities of Venture Factory, with a workshop dedicated to everyone who wants potential customers to find them through Google. The secrets of SEO optimization and paid Google AdWords advertising was revealed by expert Goran Krajčič. Afterwards, in late afternoon, the activity moved to KID Kibla, where successful startup couples shared their romantic and business experiences and adventures at the traditional Start:up Müsli. More...
7. junij 2018
How to get 140 hormones that are key for our health, success and wellbeing
On Tuesday, 29 May 2018, at the Start:up Müsli evening in KID Kibla in Maribor, Dr. Sanela Banović shared the knowledge and experience she obtained during her studies at four faculties and twenty years of working in medicine, talking about it with pleasure and a lot of humour. She talked about the disease that medicine can’t heal: mental and stress-related diseases. Taking care of mental health has unfortunately become a luxury not everyone can afford, even though it influences all areas of our activities, our private as well as business lives. Her universal recipe are hugs, hanging out, physical activity, sex and communication. More...

maj 2018

23. maj 2018
Effective preparation for meetings and networking secrets by startup experts
In the glow of PODIM Conference expectations, the Maribor startup community organized a special, internationally coloured edition of Start:up Müsli startup discussions on Monday, 14 May 2018. KID Kibla was the venue where invited conference startups from Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary and Russia as well as some special guests, Slovenian startuppers from abroad, listened to the networking advice from Florian Kandler and to experienced guests at the roundtable discussion that followed. Suitable for the international cast, the central thread of the discussion was focused on the networks that connect us and the potentials that they enable. More...
10. maj 2018
The Mayor of Maribor on the importance of startups and the award for a micro European city of the future!
The Municipality of Maribor is one of the main supporters of the PODIM Conference for the third year in a row. We talked to the mayor, dr. Andrej Fištravec, about the most important activities and results in the field of encouraging the economic, business and startup development of Maribor and the region. More...

april 2018

30. april 2018
DIGITRANS - 3rd partners meeting in Varaždin, presentation of a digitrans method for SME's and establishment of a working group
The 3rd official project meeting took place in Varaždin, Croatia, between 16th and 18th of April 2018. Three days of active work and collaboration were a perfect opportunity to review project achievements in previous periods, plan the next steps related to development of the DIGITRANS e-learning platform and blended training for SME’s. More...
16. april 2018
Stories written by the global startup life
There’s no doubt that the life of startuppers is exciting. When facing the challenges of building their own company, solution and/or product, startuppers not only grow and develop, their journey also often takes them abroad, into global startup hubs where startups ready for a global take-over are developed. As Andraž Logar, 3fs, reminded us at the tail-end of this year’s winter, being abroad is great as long as you come back home and use the acquired knowledge to help the local scene grow. On Tuesday, 10 April 2018, the Start:up Müsli evening in KID Kibla in Maribor hosted two startuppers whose startup life took them outside the borders of their motherland. Jess Williamson, an American who gained experience in Techstars, and Alen Cvišić, Maribor-born who’s writing his global story in the Danish company Pleo, shared their experience. More...
11. april 2018
My phone can be a wallet!
Paying with a mobile phone is already an indispensable constant in some parts of the world. In China, for example, mobile payments are severely supplanting payments by cash and card, because you can use your phone to pay for bus transport as well as paying in a store or restaurant. In Slovenia, it seems that a smartphone has not yet taken up this role, but every day, there are new solutions solving the field of mobile payment and banking in one way or another. On Tuesday, 3 April, the Start:up Müsli evening hosted Jerica Urbančič, MBILLS, Mateja Verlič Brunčič, EqualEyes, and Milan Gabor, certified ethical hacker, who talked about developing such services and the concern for security of mobile banking. More...

marec 2018

23. marec 2018
Together with us you can develop a digital business model for your company/product
Colleagues of Venture Factory have been collaborating with external experts and project partners of the European project DIGITRANS for a year, developing an innovative method for comprehensive and effective development of digital business models. Digital transformation represents a key challenge for small and medium-sized companies if they wish to keep their competitive position on the market. More...
13. marec 2018 a blockchain solution for transparent charity
Blockchain technology, just like every young invention, doesn’t yet show all the possibilities for its use. Just like we didn’t expect the web revolution thirty years ago, we can today only guess what the next decades will look like and what the development will be like under the influence of blockchain. On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, Mario Marković, David Tacer and Aljaž Štraser sat on the couch in KID Kibla for Start:up Müsli, and shared their experience of designing a solution based on blockchain technology,, and financing with ICO. The team has already marked their first big success: victory at FutureHack 2018 in Davos. More...

februar 2018

26. februar 2018
The future of the IT industry is in intellectual property
Who else remembers our daily routine from thirteen years ago? Back when nobody expected how wi-fi, smart devices, “cloudiness” and digital products of all kinds will change our daily habits, Andraž Logar co founded 3fs and embarked on a journey during which he and his team witnessed the digital revolution. More...
19. februar 2018
Looking for a team to help carry out the PODIM Conference 2018!
15 and 16 May, the international startup conference PODIM is taking place in Maribor. The conference organizers are looking for individuals who will contribute to the excellent organization of the conference. If you are motivated and passionate about your work, and know the difference between working and just going to work, then you might be the right candidate. More...
12. februar 2018
Small chubby conductor that makes sure your sheet music is organized
One snowy winter evening, the Maribor startup community gathered for the traditional startup discussion, Start:up Müsli, this time under the title “Launch stories”. The only thing missing in the interesting conversation was a fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate while Klemen and Marko from the startup Maestro Amadeus shared their story of designing a solution that helps musicians solve the problem of storing and using sheet music. On 6 February 2018 in KID Kibla in Maribor, we started the first Müsli discussion of the year with the story of how to shape a startup from the very start – from the very first idea that leads to the innovative solution. More...

januar 2018

30. januar 2018
Call for the title Creator 2018
The Slovenian tourist board has published the call for the title Creator 2018, with which it helps make innovative projects in tourism come true. A 15,000 € grant is available for the best ideas. More...
30. januar 2018
APPLICANTS NEEDED - Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI)
The 2018 application season for YTILI opens today and runs through March 2. Now in its 3rd year, YTILI is a high-profile DoS fellowship program focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation for people ages 24-35. It includes an opening summit in Portugal in June followed by a fellowship experience in the U.S. in Fall 2018. More...
19. januar 2018
Join the Start:up Maribor team, which is trying place our city and region on the global map of entrepreneur-friendly hubs. How? With excellent programmes, active networking, boundless enthusiasm, hard professional work, and a strong vision. More...
11. januar 2018
Algorithms taking over
There are many misconceptions that SMEs have about Digital Transformation. One of the biggest misconceptions is that they believe digital transformation to be taking an existing product and putting it on an e-commerce site or simply just digitizing a customer experience. However, digital transformation is much more than that. It is constantly rethinking and reinventing the business itself. More...
8. januar 2018
Story of photo studio PUNA and their business model transformation
This is a short story of PUNA, photo studio from Čakovec in Croatia, and their innovative business model that helped them to create new services for their customers and expand the business. More...

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