Every successful business needs a hustler

After last week's workshop where Tadej Muršič spoke about developing products together with users, and methods of »design thinking«, Urban Lapajne spoke about business models at this week's workshop.
At the workshop participants got to know the deatils of approaching a business model, that guarantees the product a good chance of success on the market. The lecturere took the participants through the building blocks, challenges and tips for testing and establishing new or optimising exisitng business models. He showed how the best do it and presented case sudies of the most successful global companies. In the practical part of the workhop, the participants started to fill out canvases, by writing their business strategy.

An innovative business model enabled big companies like Dell, Xerox, Apple and IBM as well as startups DropBox, Groupon and many others, to become leaders in the business world. A well planned business model gives it's company a major advantage over competition. Today business models are planned with the help of a business model canvas, in which a startup first elaborates the core element of it's business – the value it provides. Next, it segments it's users, elaborates the customer relationships, distribution channels and income streams. Furthermore it defines it's key activities, sources and partners as well as the cost structure. To summarize, the left side of the canvas representes value creation, the right side value distribution and the bottom value capturing. You can fill our your business model canvas at:

Urban recommended the book Running Lean by Ash Maurya to participants. It is a book every future entrepreneur should read and master. You will learn how to very economically, test your assumptions about your business, so that you can achieve product market fit faster and with a smaller investment. Ash also spoke about this at the PODIM conference 2015. You can watch the video at:

After the workshop, the startup place to be changed to Kibla, where Luka Topolovec of Equaleyes and Jernej Kocjančič from the company Motiviti talked about how to hustle. Hustling was defined by Jernej as: »a creative use of available resources to achieve a set goal«. Luka added that every company needs hustlers or salesmen. He also said that the good can be distinguished from the rest by their perseverance, so they don't give up easily, and that they are good listeners, that can discern the core of a client's problem / challenge while offering the most appropriate solution.

There was a livestream of the event on Start:up Maribor's facebook page. This video is now available at:
Author: Nataša Rus, 22.11.2016
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