Start:up Müsli: How we made cryptocoins charitable

6. marec, 2018, at 19:05 /@KID KIBLA, Maribor

Charity blockchain kickstarter

The trust in big charity organizations is decreasing. The problem lies in the fact that the use of the collected funds is non-transparent and difficult to track, and that the share of resources received by those in need is small. The Cherr.io platform intends to eliminate the mentioned weaknesses of charity giants with the help of blockchain technology. The team is calling it simply the Kickstarter for blockchain charity.

Blockchain enables trackability and democracy

With help of blockchain technology, the donated resources can be tracked at every step and come directly to the rightful claimant. The Cherr.io platform will enable the implementation of a charity campaign in three stages: 
  • Activation stage, where charity organizations will be able to start their campaign;
  • Stage of raising funds, where users will donate cryptocoins; 
  • Concluding stage, when the evaluation is made. If a campaign does not achieve the set goal, the platform will enable the participants to donate the funds to an emergency fund or to get their donated cryptocoins back.

What kind of knowledge will you bring home?

The basic technical concepts of the blockchain technology and new ways of collecting funds will be presented. The Cherr.io team will share their experience in planning a campaign for collecting cryptocurrency and present the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) concept, which is becoming an increasingly popular way of financing. They will share their goals for the future and introduce a vision of a smart charity project that will attempt to disrupt the traditional charity model.

After the event, we will also present opportunities that are available to you within the Digitrans project (digital transformation in the Danube region), which works on digital transformation in companies. The digital revolution doesn’t only influence production activities but also other sectors, such as services and trade. The goal of this project is to encourage small and medium-sized companies to define and apply their own digital business model.

Main team of CHERR.IO

Mario Markovic
Co-founder at CHERR.IO

IT professional and software developer with over 10 years of experience. Born entrepreneur with numerous projects. Project manager at several companies and CEO of digital agency. Mario graduated from University of Maribor in Computer Science and is completely passionate about contributing into crypto world.

David Tacer
Co-founder at CHERR.IO

More than 7 years of software development experience, including 5 years experience with leading software developers with successfully finished projects for bigger customers such as Siemens and Mercator with cooperation of some CHERR.IO team members. 4 years ago he started his own IT company with main principle goal: “Quality work and always sticking to the deal are our basic principles and no-matter-what promises. For cheap half-solutions and expert exploitation look elsewhere.” Graduated from Computer Science with thesis about study of symmetric cryptography algorithms and comparing their code efficiency. Got involved in cryptocurrency as a miner and investor in early 2013 and later became obsessed with blockchain technology. 5 years ago he started helping children in poor countries of Africa as their Godfather. 

Aljaz Straser
Co-founder at CHERR.IO

Aljaž is an experienced software engineer with more than 7 years of work experience in the field. After graduating in Computer Science, he went studying Masters degree on foreign exchange. Working for a few years as a senior software engineer he decided to try something different and started working in startup companies. He got some serious entrepreneurship skills in Seed Sumo accelerator in Texas, USA. About a year ago he realized the future of economy depends on new technologies, and since then he has been actively participating in blockchain projects.



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