Start:up Müsli: IOT - the future of a connected world + presummer MEGA startup meetup

27. junij, 2017, at 19:05 /KID KIBLA

IoT or the internet of things is considered to be one of the most important trends, that have already and will continue to shape the private and business environments. Trends show that in the coming years "smart" and connected devices will slowly replace old school ones - unconnected and stupid.

Smart and connected devices, what is it all about?

We are talking about devices that are connected to the internet through a network, which enables them to constantly check the state of the device (geographic location, working,...) and their sensors (temperature, video camera, movement sensor,...) At the same time a constant connection of devices enables "cooperation" with other connected devices. For example, the smart thermostat Nest can, based on your phones location know when you are getting close to home and can turn on the cooling at the right time.

If we mention just some of the most well-known "smart devices", that have shaken the behavioural patterns of their industries: smart thermostat Nest changed our homes into energy saving and smart, smart car Tesla is capable of autonomous driving and predicting accidents, smart home assistant Google Home or Amazon Alexa enable voice management of devices in your home, playing music or searching the web, or event the simple Phillips light bulb called Hue, that you can manage through a phone. Of course, along with the previous user devices, there are many that enable companies more efficient or safer business operations. 

Where to start and where are business oportunities hidden?

A wholesome look into the IoT world will be enabled by four guests:

Chuck Goldman is an investor and executive director for the area of IoT at the American Sky  Ventures Group, that specializes in investments in new technologies and innovation in the field of health care. Before Chuck became an investor, he was a senior director and close co-worker of the lefendary Steve Jobs. Chuck will reveal the future of the connected world and where are the hidden business opportunities for startups. 

Uroš Mesarič Kunst is a lead tech engineer at Comtrade Digital Services, responsible for the field of services for IoT. He will present the development and working of a technological IoT platform Eclipse Kapua and Eclipse Kura. At the same time, he will present a simple IoT device using a Raspberry Pi and a heat sensor.
Dr. Dušan Heric
 is the founder and director of the company Poligram, that is developing and selling a tracking system Trak8. Dušan will tell us, how he created a profitable business with smart trackers and what were the key challenges in development and selling of his solution.

Robert Sraka, businessman, technology enthusiast and director of the office for a new generation of insuring at Zavarovalnica Sava. Robert will present where and why the insurance company sees IoT and why they in partnership with the Venture factory more intensively connecting with startups. Robert will also predict the big autumn hackathon because of which the autumn in our city will be especially exciting.

Three arguments why you can't miss this Müsli

1. IoT is not just the future, but already the present. To understand the business world we have to thus understand IoT well, so we can co-create the future.

2. IoT is a business model, not just smart devices. Thus one has to understand the whole ecosystem that the IoT mega trend brings along. 

3. If you don't want to be left in the stone age, but want to cooperate in changing the world and co-creating innovations, then you have to get to know startuppers and representatives of corporations, that will be key in the changes of the future. 

After the event, we will also present opportunities that are available to you within the Digitrans project (digital transformation in the Danube region), which works on digital transformation in companies. The digital revolution doesn’t only influence production activities but also other sectors, such as services and trade. The goal of this project is to encourage small and medium-sized companies to define and apply their own digital business model.

This is an english speaking event.

Connecting to spread your business network

Between 11 am and 2 pm we will hold an organized meeting with Chuck Goldman, Jure Verhovnik and other consultants of the Venture Factory, intended for the members of the Venture Factory with the purpose of helping in networking and entering global markets.

Pre-summer startup community meetup

This Startup Müsli will be the last one before the summer break, so we are inviting all Maribor startuppers, so we can do a toast together to a successful half a year and new challenges waiting for us in the second half of the year. Joining us on this meetup will be the representatives of bigger more established companies, that are actively connecting with Maribor's startup community: Nova KBMZavarovalnica SavaPošta SlovenijeComtrade Digital Services and Večer.

The official part of the event ends at 10 pm. After that, it's time for networking.


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