An entrepreneur that doesn't sell, doesn't exist

21. marec, 2017, at 19:05 /KID KIBLA
Today, there are many wrong convictions in promoting entrepreneurship, as new age gurus are convincing us that in life we have to do what we want, not what we have to. Thus many young people are going into entrepreneurship with the idea of laying on the beach and getting big money with: "Just the right idea". These dreams last about a month. After that we all wake up and realize that there is no life without sales. But sales are something that I don't want to do. It's not who I am. What should I do? 

We will talk about?
  • Why do we hate selling?
  • I'm not a seller, how can I survive in entrepreneurship?
  • How to overcome fears because of which I cannot sell?
  • What are the key questions that I have to ask myself before and during the sell process?
  • What am I doing and to who?
  • What does my sales success depend on?
  • What can I do to raise my sales results?
  • How do I defend my price?
  • and much more
You are cordially invited to this talk and brainstorm about sales.

Who is Matjaž Kovačič?

A Mariborčan, who after 7 years returned to his home town with the wish to help individuals, entrepreneurs and companies improve their sales results. His tips and knowledge are used by big state owned as well as small family owned companies and an increasing number of startup companies. He gathered his views on sales in the book: "Awake the seller inside". To him, selling is a skill that is trained and not just learned in a lecture hall, so he spends a lot of time out in the field (www.trainingbyselling.com). 


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