A startup looks for finance

7. marec, 2017, at 19:05 /KID KIBLA

Entrepreneurs in the beginning of their journey go through different obstacles to fullfil their goals and execute an idea. They are fearless and never give up, even if money isn’t plenty at that particular moment. At this start:up Müsli, we talk with three founders how to get through those first difficult and crisis moments on the road to success.


All who already either have a startup or want to start one, as well as those who are inspired by entrepreneurship in their work are invited. We will meet in KID Kibla on tuesday, the 7th of March at 7.05pm, with the three speakers: Uroš Orešič, U-centrix; Martin Pelcl, MojMojster; and Samo Lubej, Finančni center.

Who is Uroš Orešič?

Uroš Orešič is a student of the master program of computer science at the University of Maribor, as well as the co-founder of U-centrix d.o.o. - People behind the code, that with a team of communicative developers is making it’s way to big Slovenian companies.


His multiple years of experience in high school and during his studies (Projects for SERŠ, DOBA, Faculty of Logistics, IAESTE and DOPPS) took him to Schlumberger, the biggest oil concern in the world. After three years of work in the technological center of Schlumberger in Norway he returned to Slovenia, to face new challenges.


Now he and his team are preparing for the P2 grant with BookinIT, a big data web reservation system for tourist agencies. Their prototype is already being tested in the Italian market.

Who is Martin Pelcl?

Martin Pelcl is an architect that deals with innovation in civil engineering and architecture. He started with his own architecture practice and entrepreneurship in the field of education in 2009. After realizing that the Slovenian civil engineering market is extremely nontransparent and unorganized, he and Gregor Černelč founded a startup called MojMojster. The main problem they are solving is finding quality contractors for engineering projects. In 2014 and 2016, he founded eMajstor.hr and DaiBau.at a Croatian and Austrian version of the service. He also helped found the company Coinhab d.o.o., which is the first slovenian co-investment platform for building apartments.

Who is Samo Lubej?

Mag. Samo Lubej is a serial entrepreneur, startup manager, investor and business angel. Up until now, he has cooperated in ten foreign and domestic startups. His acvhievement is 5 successful companies, that he either co-created as either a co-founder or a startup manager or director (Skupina Vzajemci, Versus, Creditexpress, SOM, Skupina Finančni center). These companies employ more than 65 people and make a yearly revenue of more than 5 million €.
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